FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find the most commonly asked questions, and their answers

How can I start promoting

To start Promoting, you first have to register at Oziway (its free), and then you need to setup your free website which will feature products and categories chosen by you for promotion on the internet. When someone decides to make a purchase on your website, you don't need to send or sell anything - the Seller of the purchased product does that and once we receive the commission from the Seller, you receive your part of the commission (a part of that commission is also paid to the recruiter that invited you to the Oziway community.
Read more here

Does it cost anything to be a promoter on Oziway?

Being part of our Promoter community does not cost you anything. You are not obligated to do anything. You can however earn additional money by promoting offers listed by Sellers on Oziway. If someone buys something from your website (this product or service is delivered by the seller and we receive commission from the seller),m then you receive a commission also. The person that invited you to Oziway will also receive a small commission from every one of your sales, just like you will receive a small part of the sale from the website of each Promoter that you invited into Oziway. So keep promoting and keep inviting!

Does it cost anything to be a seller on Oziway ?

Being part of our Seller community also does not cost you anything if we don't sell anything for you. You are not obligated to do anything. You can list all your products and if you don't sell anything on Oziway, you will not pay anything. The only payments that you will be obligated to pay, are the commissions that you define as adequate for the sale of each one of your Products. That's right, you tell us how much you can pay from the sales that we make for you!

How to become a partner of Oziway in your country

If you would like to be a Partner company of Oziway in your country, please contact us (use to contact form). We are looking for Partner companies with established businesses and a solid reputation to help our Oziway users (Promoters and Customers) in obtaining all necessary information related to their business on Oziway. We offer a solid business opportunity.

What is a Verified Seller and how to become one

A verified seller is a Seller (Supplier) which has been verified by Oziway as being a safe and trustworthy supplier. Once you become a verified seller, you receive the Verified Seller badge on your product page, and you are able to offer products with an Online Payment. We need to know who we are dealing with with Online Payments, because in those cases, it is Oziway which is formally the Seller of the Product. With online payments, you sell the product to us, and then we resell it to the Customer.
Online payments are only available as an option to Verified Sellers who will be there when we have a problem with the product (a Return is requested from the Customer).
We buy the Product from you and you deliver it to our Customer. All this is a part of our Customer Protection Programme.
If you want to become a Verified Seller, please contact us by requesting further information from your business dashboard. We will send you details of what information you need to provide ot us, and how much it costs to get verified.

What is a Global offer

A global offer is a product which is able to be shipped by the Seller anywhere in the world. It is entered on oziway.com as a GLOBAL OFFER and then it becomes available on all Oziway pages, in all different currencies (calculated automatically). It almost always is a product which is sent to you from another country. If the product is a digital one, then obviously it is not shipped, and it becomes available immediately after purchase.

How to withdraw money to your account?

To withdraw money you have to login to your account on Oziway.com and them from the Menu Promoter, click on Wallet.
In the Wallet module, click on Withdraw.
On the window that pops up, enter the amount to withdraw, choose the method of payment (bank account, PayPal, WeChat in China or Western Union), as the account details.
If you want to withdraw to a bank account, its important the account number is in a IBAN format (with the 2 letter country code in the beginning of the number). Don't worry, if the number is not correct, we will contact you about this.
If you are not sure how to fill out the withdrawal form, contact us using the Chat function, or the Messaging module to the Administrator.

How long does it take for Oziway to pay me the money

It depends on how the payment is made. With bank transfers, this takes from 3 to 5 days.With PayPal it should take 2-3 days. With WeChat it also should take 2-3 days. We need to verify all payments before sending the request to the bank..

Do you take taxes from my withdrawal request ?

We don't need any contract with you in order to pay you out. We also do not decrease your payout to pay taxes. If you are an Australian resident then we will need this information from you including your ABN (Australian Business Number) or TFN (Tax File Number). If you are a resident of any other country then we will need to know this. This is all done during your first withdrawal request (we need to verify your tax status). This will not last more than 1-2 days. You will need to pay taxes in your country and you can use the tax reports on your business dashboard to fill out your own tax forms. We will not help you here.

How to pay for an order?

Login to your Dashboard, and click on My Orders. Next click on the order which you would like to pay for. You will see the possible payment methods, choose the preferred payment method and pay for the order. You will be redirected top the chosen payment method gateway (website).

How much does it cost to get the withdrawal request paid out ?

We take 5% from the payout, this is the administration fee. We use this 5% to cover the costs of the operation like bank fees or PayPal costs.


column #1: Amount you request to withdraw

column #2: Administration fee

column #3: Amount that you will receive

100 USD5 USD95 USD

How much does it cost to make a payment the Oziway system?

Just like with Payouts, we also need to cover the costs of Payins (you making a payment to the Oziway system). For this, we need to charge an administration fee of 5% of the amount being paid. The paid amount will be increased by the administration fee. We need this fee to pay for costs od payment gateways or banks that charge us this fee.


column #1: Amount you want to pay

column #2: Administration fee

column #3: Amount that you will receive

100 USD5 USD105 USD

What is the Customer Protection Programme

You can buy any product or service listed with Oziway, and pay directly from the Sellers. However, if you would like to pay ONLINE for these products, you can do so, and in such cases the Seller will be our Oziway organization. We take upon ourselves the liability for the products delivered to you. Even though the products will still be delivered by the source of the product, we will have the source verified and have the products verified also. For a source (for example factory) to be verified, they need to send us all formal documents and photos of the factory, to prove that they are running a legitimate business. For products they need to provide photo proof that the products are of good quality because we are responsible for those products for the duration of the warranty period. Additionally, if the source can not be successfully verified, they can send us the products (physically) where, after inspection we can make them available to you, the customer.

How can I receive a payment for my goods or services online?

In order to be able to receive a payment online, you should have your Seller account verified. Please use the Verification module in the business dashboard.

Why can I not pay for some products online ?

You can not pay for a product online, because the Seller is not verified or they have chosen to sell you a product after receiving payment directly from you. If you would like to pay for the product to us, please let us know. We will try to bring the product to you by buying it, and reselling it to you. Click on the link or button (Contact Oziway about the Product) and enquire. We will check with the seller, and we will try to send you the product after receiving a payment from you. We will become the Seller of the Product

When posting an offer, what does

When posting an offer, what does

Show the original text translated automatically

When posting an offer, what does

When posting an offer, what does

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When posting an offer with an online payment, do my products need to be verified ?

Yes, they need to be verified (on the screen) by Oziway staff to make sure that it complies with the Terms an Conditions. We need to be sure the product is OK because we are going to be the formal seller of the product. In reality the Seller delivers the product, but formally, we buy the product from the Seller and resell it to the buyer. This needs to be done in the case of all online payment transactions.

When posting an offer why does Oziway ask me to enter price in USD?

The USD price needs to be used if the offer is made globally available , because from that USD price we then calculate all the other currencies, using daily updates by xe.com

How can I enter products which my factory exports

We have recently added the possibility to publish products available in wholesale quantities. These are added without specific prices, just a price range. Read more here

How can I promote products from a specific seller

Setting up your webshop to feature a specific sellers products is easy. Read more here

How can I create a custom offer for my customer

We have recently made available a quotation system that you can use to send individual quotations to your customers. Read more here